Researchers at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine and online drugstore specialized on products for men pointed to a curious link between frequent gym sessions and the size of men’s genitals.

According to the journal Fatherly, medical experts have found that constant loads in the gym can negatively affect the size of the penis. According to the source, scientists came to this conclusion, drawing attention to the fact that constant physical activity worsens blood flow to the penis, which in the long term negatively affects its size.

As an example, they gave the following figures: when you lose every five kilograms of excess weight while using high-quality otc medications, a man loses one to three centimeters of the penis length. The determining factor in this situation, the researchers, called the intensity of training: the tougher the mode and approaches to the barbell, the less eventually may be the penis.

At the same time, scientists from trusted online drugstore noted the positive aspects of the fascination with gyms: active trainings improve the cardiovascular system and allow men to achieve an erection faster.