Moving In

What other steps do I need to take before move-in?
What is the application process?

Prospective tenants who wish to rent a residential or commercial unit must fill out a rental application and pay an application fee. All prospects above the age of 18 must apply and any minors who will reside in the unit must be disclosed on the lease.

Our tenant selection criteria will be provided at the time of application and is also available here.

Tenants who do not meet our selection criteria may, at landlord discretion, be offered alternative options to secure a unit. These options may include a higher security deposit or co-signer on the lease. Any lease co-signer will assume full financial liability for this lease.

What information should I expect when I move in?

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Why should I do a move-in inspection?

Moving Out

How do I notify of my intention to move?

Coming Soon

Cleaning your unit
Move-out inspection
Return of deposit


How do I pay my rent?

Commercial rent payments are subject to the terms of your individual lease.

For our residential tenants, rent is due on the first of the month with a 4-day grace period. We encourage you to mail your rent early to avoid late charges. You may pay your rent in person at our physical address from 9:00AM TO 3:00PM Monday-Friday. There is a drop box our office at 12537 15th Ave. NE Seattle, located on the west side of building A. You can also use the “Pay Rent Online” button on our homepage to pay electronically.

Do not leave your rent with on-site staff or attempt to give to our on-site employees.

What if I cannot pay my rent?

Payment of rent is a contractual obligation that you commit to when you sign your lease. You should make every effort possible to pay your rent.

In the event that you cannot pay your rent on time, we strongly encourage you to contact our office before it becomes late to discuss payment options.

In the event that rent is not paid on time, our office will take action as applicable under the Landlord Tenant Law.

How do I report a complaint or problem with my unit?

For maintenance issues, please see our maintenance FAQ. For other issues regarding your unit, please contact our maintenance department via e-mail or in writing. Please provide a clear description of the problem, including how and when it began and whether any previous action has been taken to resolve it. Unfortunately, we cannot ensure accuracy of verbal comments and no verbal commitments should be considered binding, unless confirmed in writing. Any questions regarding lease agreement can be directed to our leasing department via email.

What if I do receive a 3 day, 10 day, or other notice of non-compliance?

The Landlord Tenant Law has strict guidelines that must be followed in the case of rent collection and our company follows these guidelines. Legal notices may be sent if  rent is due or if you are taking actions which violate the law, building policy or your lease.

If you receive notice and are able to address the situation, either by paying the amount owed or by complying with the terms of the notice. We recommend that you do so immediately. In addition, we suggest that you notify us in writing of the action you have taken to comply.

If you receive a notice you believe to be in error, or if you are unable to comply with the notice, please contact our office immediately to discuss the dismissal of the action or alternative resolution options.

Guest policy

Any occupants of the unit must be identified on your lease and any occupants over the age of 18 are required to fill out a tenant application to determine whether they qualify for building occupancy. Guests are generally allowed for overnight occupancy for no more than seven (nights) annually without notice. If a guest will be staying longer than 7 days we ask that you contact our office in writing to notify us of their stay and expected departure date. Any violation to our guest policy may result in disciplinary action. A guest who desires to become a permanent resident must apply and undergo the qualification process.

How do I deal with noise complaints or problems with neighboring tenants?

Issues with neighboring tenants are sometimes legal issues between neighbors, as well as building management issues. If you ever feel threatened or intimidated by your neighbors, please first contact the police immediately by dialing 911 and then contact our office to let us know about this action.

If you believe a neighbor is creating excessive noise, you may choose to contact our office and we will notify the tenant in writing of the complaint, asking them to be more respectful of their neighbors. Based on repeated offenses, we may choose not to renew the tenancy of the violator. Noise complaints are also a legal matter governed by Seattle Noise Ordinance. You may choose to contact the police by dialing 911 and they will take appropriate action to enforce noise restrictions.

To file a complaint about public nuisance noises: horns or sirens, music, amplified sound, motor vehicles, or watercraft, call the Seattle Police Department’s non-emergency number at



Storage of belongings is allowed only within your leased unit. No outside storage of belonging or vehicles is allowed, unless indicated in writing as a part of your lease. Contact management to find out about additional storage, which may be available for use at an additional cost. Storage of personal items in common areas are prohibited and may be disposed of at management’s discretion.


Parking is allowed only in designated spaces and parking permits are distributed by management. Cars parked improperly may be towed at the tenant’s expense. If a car is parked in your space, please contact management at 206-905-4636 and we will take appropriate action. Parking is only for operational vehicles and must be properly permitted to park in leased parking spaces. Non-operational vehicles stored on site may be towed at the expense of the vehicle’s owner.

Garbage and recycling

Garbage and recycling are provided for tenant’s use only. All local recycling laws are enforced by management. Tenants will be charged for disposal of furniture or excessive dumping.


Pets are only allowed if they have been approved and a proper pet deposit has been received. If you would like to add a pet, please contact our office to inquire about doing so before obtaining your new pet. Our pet policy, including our list of excluded breeds is available through our management office.


Smoking is prohibited at our buildings. In addition, we enforce all related law and ordinances, which do not allow smoking near doors or building exits. If you have questions about our smoking policy or a complaint about a neighbor smoking, please contact the management.

Satellite dishes

Satellite dishes are not allowed without prior written approval.

Renters insurance

As indicated in your lease documents, our building insurance does not cover tenant belongings in the case of fire or other catastrophe. Tenants are encouraged to carry separate insurance to cover their personal belongings.

Combustible fluids

For the safety of all building tenants, you are not allowed to store combustible fluids in or near your unit. We take all matters of building safety very seriously and storage of dangerous items may be grounds for lease termination.

Periodic inspections

Units may be subject to periodic inspections to ensure the safety of the building and it’s residents. Tenants will be provided with a proper notice of entry as required by law. If you have questions regarding an inspection, please contact our office.