Moving In

What other steps do I need to take before move in?
  • Once your application is approved, you can schedule a move-in date with the leasing agent. If the move-in is over 2 weeks away, we may require a holding fee and/or for the lease to be signed ahead of time.
What is the application process?
  • The first step is to fill out an application. There are links to the application on the top and bottom of this page. We have separate applications for domestic and international applicants.
  • You will have the option to choose a specific unit, if you know specifically which one you’re interested in. We request copies of identification and proof of income, which are required to be uploaded to the application.
  • The applications are typically processed within 2 business days. We will reach out if we need any additional information or documentation, and when you are approved or denied.
What information should I expect when I move in?
  • When you sign your lease, you can expect a packet that contains copies of the Landlord-Tenant Laws, an application for the need-based Seattle City Light discounted utilities program, and information on the Seattle noise ordinances, lead-based paint, recycling, and our smoke-free policy.
  • This packet will also provide you with your account number, needed to sign up for your online account. This is how you’ll access up-to-date information on charges and account balances. If applicable, you’ll also receive a parking permit.
Why is a move-in inspection important?
  • A move-in inspection is your opportunity to record any damage present at the start of your tenancy. The security deposit for your apartment will be used to cover damages left when you move out, with any remainder returned to you afterwards. It’s your chance to make sure you’re not held responsible for something we may have missed.

Moving Out

How does the move-out process work?
  • The first step is notifying the office of your intent to move. After that, your only remaining responsibilities are to move out of the unit, turn in your keys, and give us a forwarding address.
  • Once the apartment is empty, we have 21 days to process the move out and send out the deposit statement. The statement will explain what part of your deposit you got back, including itemized numbers for anything that was taken out of it.
How do I break my lease?
  • Breaking your lease requires having somebody else take responsibility for the unit. This can be in the form of finding someone to take over your lease, signing on to finish the remainder of the agreement, or finding someone who wants to move in on a new 12-month lease. Either way, you are responsible for paying rent until the end of your lease or until somebody else starts doing so.
How do I notify of my intention to move?
  • If your lease is almost up and you want to move out when it does end, you can notify us in writing via This can be done any time before the end of your lease, though we do appreciate as much notice as possible.
  • If you’re month-to-month and want to move out, Seattle law requires 20 days’ notice be given. Month-to-month tenants are responsible for whole months at a time, so the notice must always be for the last day of a month. Most months, having this in by the 10th meets the requirement.


What do I do if I am locked out of my apartment?
  • If you get locked out during business hours, call our hotline at 206.905.4636 and we will arrange assistance for you. There is a charge for this service. You can also come to the office and get a new key for $5 per key.
  • If the office is closed, we recommend you call a locksmith. This is at your own expense. We regularly work with Andy at Andy’s Advantage Mobile Locksmiths, who can be found at 206.367.1211.
How do I report a maintenance or service issue?
  • If you feel that the safety of you or other building residents is at risk, immediately dial 911 for emergency services.
  • Any maintenance or service issue can be reported by calling our 24 hour hotline at 206.905.4636 or emailing
  • When calling the hotline, please specify whether your request is urgent or routine.
  • Routine matters are those which have existed for some time, or a new issue which does not threaten the safety of the building or it’s residents. An example would be broken blinds, loose handles, a burnt out light fixture, or a basic clogged sink. Small leaks which can be contained by putting a pan or bowl underneath them would also be considered routine.  Routine matters are generally reviewed no later than the next business day. Repair will be scheduled depending on the severity of the problem, the staff and tenant’s schedules, and availability of parts or other relevant circumstances.
  • Urgent matters are those which must be reviewed immediately and may not be able to wait until the next business day without causing further harm. Any matters involving fire, electrical, or substantial water leaks should be considered urgent.
How do I pay my rent?
  • For residential tenants, you can pay rent 1 of 3 ways.
  • There is a portal for online payment on this website, just click the button above that says, ‘Pay Rent’.
  • There is a dropbox located on the west side of our office building where you can leave any non-cash payments.
  • You can come into our office during business hours to make a payment. We do not accept cards in the office.
  • Do not leave your rent with on-site staff or attempt to give to our on-site employees.
What if I cannot pay my rent?
  • If you need assistance with payments, there are several local resources which may be able to help you. You are responsible for contacting them to inquire about their programs and requirements. Any arrangement between you and an agency offering assistance is between you and them and does not involve Jet City Property Management.
    • St. Vincent de Paul – 206.767.6449,
    • Salvation Army – 206.767.3150,
    • Solid Ground – 800.621.4636,
    • YWCA – 206.549.8625,
    • Hope Link – 206.440.7300,
    • North Helpline – 206.365.8043,
  • In any case, if you have questions or concerns, contacting the office before your rent is late will help avoid late fees where possible.
What if I do receive a 14-day, 10-day, or other notice of non-compliance?
  • The Landlord Tenant Law has strict guidelines that must be followed in the case of rent collection and our company follows these guidelines. Legal notices may be sent if  rent is due or if you are taking actions which violate the law, building policy or your lease.
  • The notices will contain information on the nature of the violation and what should be done about it.
  • If you receive notice and are able to address the situation, either by paying the amount owed or by complying with the terms of the notice. We recommend that you do so immediately. In addition, we suggest that you notify us in writing of the action you have taken to comply.
  • If you receive a notice you believe to be in error, or if you are unable to comply with the notice, please contact our office immediately to discuss the dismissal of the action or alternative resolution options.

Tenant Policies

Pests or Infestations
  • Any pests or infestations must be reported as quickly as possible so we can get a handle on it. Treatment for these issues will be at the cost of the tenant.
Refrigerator failure
  • If your refrigerator stops working due to a power outage or another reason, it is best to purchase block ice at a nearby store to keep items cool until a repair can be arranged. Avoid opening either compartment as much as possible. We are not responsible for spoiled food due to refrigerator failure or power outage.
  • If your refrigerator stops working for any reason not related to a power outage, call the hotline at 206.905.4636.
Pipe, roof, or plumbing leaks
  • A leak that is severe enough to cause immediate damage is considered emergent and will be immediately escalated when we receive the call. If you find any kind of leak, call our hotline at 206.905.4636.
Electrical outage
  • Most electrical outages are caused by a blown fuse, circuit breaker or outlet fuse. If power is out to a limited area, please check other nearby outlets to determine the extent of the outage before calling to report an issue. Some outlets in kitchens and bathrooms have reset buttons. Locate the circuit breaker box within your unit. Blown fuse switches will not line up with the other fuses in the box and may have an orange “blown” indicator. You can safely move the fuse to the left and right to reset it. If you are unsuccessful in resetting a blown fuse, please take no further action and report your outage to the maintenance hotline.
  • If the problem is building-wide, then it is likely a matter for the power company and out of our control. We encourage you to contact Seattle City Light to report an outage.
Storage and Parking
  • Most of our properties have storage units and parking spaces for rent on the premises. If you are interested in renting these, contact the office at any time.
  • Storage of personal items in any common space is prohibited.
  • Use of parking spaces without a permit is prohibited.
  • All our properties allow dogs and cats, with no pet rent. We do require a $300 deposit, half of which is refundable upon move out.
  • All our properties are non-smoking. Any smoking must be done more than 25 feet from the building.